We’ve Moved!

We are no longer using this WordPress blog platform, hence the empty look and lack of acrivity, and all content has been moved over to our new blog. On the new blog you can still find stories about tunnel tents and trail building, gear reviews and inspiring expeditions, but it has been updated to make it easier to find the stuff you’re interested in.

Existing blog subscribers: If you haven’t already updated your subscription, you’ll need to subscribe to the updated MEC blog with your RSS reader to get the latest stories (click here to subscribe).

Fresh Features on the new MEC Blog:

  • The blog homepage features more stories up-front, so you can quickly glance at what’s been added or what’s piques your interest.


  • A featured posts slider at the top highlights useful articles, regardless of when they were written.


  • The content’s organized into categories to make it easier to find. If you’re only interested in reading about specific activities or topics, you can use the menu items at the top to view those categories.


  • Gear posts live on the bottom section of the homepage, and all other stories live on the top.


  • You can now comment with your Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL account – so you no longer have to create a separate MEC blog account to leave a comment.


We’re looking forward to sharing more adventures, gear reviews, and community stories with you. If there are any topics you’d like to see on MEC Blog, email us at socialmedia@mec.ca.

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The Simplicities of Commuter Cycling

Cycle Commuter KIng

Commuting by bike does require me to sacrifice some things. Like wallet-crushing stops at the gas station. Or the chance to get up close and personal with unwashed strangers on rush hour transit.

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Ride Don’t Hide – Refueling and Hydrating on the Road

I’m terrible at refueling and hydrating on the road. Actually, not just on the road. I’m terrible at eating before exercising, period. I’m a morning person, so getting up for a 6am yoga class is preferable to lugging myself to spin after work. The problem with that, though, is I have very little in the tank at 6am.

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Have Kids, Will Paddle


It’s never too early to get out in the wilderness with kids, and Dan and Alice Clark are proof of that. In 2012, they set out in a canoe with their two young children (aged 3 and 5 years old), and paddled from Jasper, AB to Tuktoyaktuk, NT. The trip took 95 days and covered 3400km. To give you some perspective, that’s the same distance as driving from Calgary to Toronto.

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Ride Don’t Hide – Learning to Fit and Maintain My Bike

I spent last Sunday as a cycling cheerleader, hitting four different spots along Vancouver’s marathon route to shout inspiring things to my boyfriend as he pounded out 42km in the blazing sun.

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Bikefest: Celebrate the Awesomeness of Two Wheels


One of the most enduring childhood memories can be getting your first bike. Not just because it was a new toy to play with, but because that bike gave you your first taste of independence, the freedom to explore your neighbourhood, and may have helped create friendships that you still have today.

At MEC, we love bikes, so we’re kicking off the start of cycling season with MEC Bikefest, a community celebration of all things bike related.

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Ride Don’t Hide Training Schedule

To help Jess prepare for the 60-km Ride Don’t Hide group bike ride, our cycling experts at MEC have created an 8-week training program geared to get her across the finish line. Over the course of 8 weeks, this plan will increase her fitness, build her endurance, and have her focus on riding technique.

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Ride Don’t Hide – Introductory Post, May 1

Two years ago I broke my ankle. Once the cast was off, I blissfully launched myself back into cardio swing of things only to (painfully) realize that the ol’ ankle wasn’t what she used to be. Continue reading

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Slashface: A V13 Between a Rock and a Hard Place


Sébastien Lazure, one of MEC’s climbing Envoys, climbed a V13 on his latest outing at Hueco Tanks. I spoke with him about this impressive accomplishment.

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Halfmoon Yoga: Strap This on for Size


A simple yoga strap goes a long way when you’re stretching. We talked to staff at Halfmoon Yoga Products about just how versatile a strap can be for opening up your shoulders, hips, and hamstrings. Today’s post includes four stretches with a strap that are good for kayakers, runners, climbers, or anyone who could use a few extra centimetres of help when they’re stretching.

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